Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 20, June 3, 2012

One of our interests in this 6 months is to worship at a different church each Sunday. First, Episcopal (Church of the Heavenly Rest); second Sunday Unitarian; and today, the Manhattan Mennonite Fellowship.  My  brother belongs to a Mennonite church in Paoli IN. I have made and donated 3 quilts to the Minnesota Mennonite Relief auction each year for the past 5 years. Next on the list is Riverside Church (if anyone reading this has a recommendation of a church , please share it). 

Our first venture of the day was to walk up 1st Avenue to 86th and then back home on 2nd Avenue.  We had found a good, inexpensive place last week to buy flowers, but couldn't remember exactly where it was- other than we knew it was somewhere below 86th Street.  Since we can't just get in the car and drive up the street to look for it, the only way to find the place was to go out and walk the street. We not only found the original place, but also found a second place where we got 2 dozen roses for $10.  As you know, I am rather frugal- but I also love having fresh flowers. So if anyone comes to New  York, I can tell you where to find cheap flowers (two other bargains are pizza at 1/slice and a pedicure plus manicure for 25).

Then we went to lunch at a nearby Japanese restaurant.  We have eaten out very little- I think it is a combination of 2 things- first, we have a fruit and vegetable stand on the corner so it is fun and easy to cook at home; second, we have been overwhelmed by the many choices.  So many that we just couldn't decide. We finally decided to just go where there are Groupons. Which has made the eatting out decision much easier- but still leaves ample choices.

Our next planned activity was the Central Park Zoo- walk over to the park from our home, see the Zoo, and then go on to church.  We had forgotten about the Celebrate Isreal parade on 5th Avenue.
A huge event- which seemed to have every Jewish group within 150 miles participating.  There was substantial security- the streets were blocked off a block from the park. Many cheering and happy people.  We ended up watching the parade (the zoo will be there anytime). 

The Fellowship meets at 5 p.m. in a Friends Meeting House. The Mennonite group was small- about 30 people. The Meeting House had no cross or other ornamentation, everything was painted a light gray- it was a very calming environment. The service didn't have a sermon this week- instead, there was a hymn sing- I enjoyed singing so many hymns from my childhood and a few new ones. (My request was Morning Has Broken- albeit that it was the wrong time of day). There was a long period of sharing joys and concerns. Many people spoke- I think the small group facilitated sharing. One of the members announced that her birthday is tomorrow, that she will be going to the Yankees game, and invited all who wish to go with her. As a bonus, it is Seniors night- with 5 dollar tickets. So we are off to the Yankees tomorrow night. The weather is cool this week, so I digging out whatever I can find that will keep me warm.

Today's pictures are from the parade, and the outside of the meeting house.


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  1. Hi Sally,
    I'm Loretta...Mary Ellen's sister...she's the one with the birthday at Yankee stadium! LOL
    I'm a quilter and blogger and she recommended your blog to me.
    The last time I was in NY was for her 60th b-day and we sat next to Bill Clinton at the theater! LOL No kidding! I have picture to prove it! Had a nice chat with him, too.
    Enjoy your time in NYC!