Saturday, September 7, 2013

August 24

By Al

Today was a day to shop and walk.  J & R had a sale on 16 gig SD cards.  I think it would be a good idea to have lots of memory for our trip to Japan, so I wanted to get a couple.  I took the train to City Hall park and got the cards.  I also have been thinking about getting a carry-on backpack.  I have a very good wheeled carrry on bag, but in Japan we will have checked luggage and I don't like wheeling multiple bags.  So, there was a place called The Bag House at Broadway and 11th.  I decided to walk up so that I could see some of the city.  It was a long walk.  I did not see anything I liked.  I had read on line that the Sports Authority at 6th Ave. and 19th St. might have something that would work, so I walked up there.  Nothing sutible.  By now, I had walked 7 miles, so I decided to take public transportation home.  It was a long day, but at least I got some memory and some exercise.

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