Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 139- September 29

By Al

Today Drew, Sally and I went to the To-ji Temple.  Amy was not feeling well, so she stayed at the hotel.This temple is famous for its five tear pagoda.  It is the tallest wooden tower in Japan.  It was built in 796

We did a lot of walking, but it was a good day.

Colonel Sanders outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kyoto.  KFC is very popular in Japan. (Sally's comment- It is also expensive.  Drew and Al paid about $20 for two 2-piece meals.)

The pagoda.

Next, Sally went to a fabric store and Drew and I went to get Amy.  We went back to the fabric store to get Sally and went to the Kiyomizu-dera.  This is a Buddhist temple founded in 798.  The current buildings were constructed in 1633.  It was very busy.  The grounds are hilly and fun to walk around.  

Amy, Sally and Drew approaching the temple.

Looking back towards Kyoto.  It is a little rainy.

The wall holding up the temple.

The street leading to the temple at night.

Sally's Day

I forgot to take pictures of the fabric store in Kyoto. I am speculating that many more women sew in Kyoto that in the US- as the store was very crowded. The store has every type of fabric- quilting, clothing, and upholstery.  I focused on the cottons.  The most common brand of Japanese fabric we have here in Enchino- and it is only slightly less in Japan.  However, there were many brands of fabric that we  don't have here.  I bought 6 designs.

The grounds at To-Ji include a large pond. Here are turtles, a lantern,  and fish in the pond. 

Here is a couple hanging their wishes on a rack at Kiyomizu-dera.  There are many stands throughout the grounds where you can buy little sheets to write a wish on, and other religious tokens.  I understand that this temple is for people in love- there were many young couples throughout the grounds.

Here is a shrine.  I was not able to locate someone to explain the meaning of the little aprons on the smaller shrines.


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