Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 140- September 30

By Al

Today we left Kyoto.  We were scheduled to go to Shirihama.  This is a small town in Southern Wakayama, an area south of Osaka that has retained some of its wilderness.  We were then going to go on a walk through the mountains.  However, a typhoon struck today.  When we got to Osaka and tried to get tickets to Shirihama, we were told that all trains south had been cancelled because of the typhoon.  So, we were stuck in Osaka.  Fortunately, we had made plans to stay at a youth hostel two days later when we returned from Shirihama.  We called them and our rooms were available for two more days, so we decided to stay there. 

We took the subway to the nearest station.  It was about a half a mile walk to the hostel.  By this time, the edge of the typhoon had reached Osaka.  We walked through horizontal rain.  We were all pretty well soaked by the time we got there.  Fortunately, there was a pizza place that was still delivering so we ordered pizza for supper.  I would not have wanted to be the delivery guy. 

The youth hostel is located in the Osaka soccer stadium.  It is a nice place.  The hall curves around the stadium so you can only see so far.  We stayed there in 1999 and liked it.  It is still nice and, for Japan, an inexpensive place to stay.

By Sally
This is the closest we got to Wakayama- this road sign.  Most public signs (at least in the cities) are in both Japanese and English.

I have heard that American movie stars make some extra money making commericals and ads in foreign countries.  Here is Tommy Lee Jones. 

The other type of Japanese toilet.  You put your feet on the two metal plates and squat over the hole in the floor.  No reading in this bathroom!


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