Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 133- September 23

Sally' Day

Amy, Drew and I went to a lecture at the local Unitarian Church on the history of Mormonism.  The speaker was a woman who had been raised in a Mormon family.  Most of what she discussed was familiar- Smith and the discovery of the tablets, the move to Missouri, the persecution of the Mormoms, the move to Salt Lake City, polygamy.   Although Smith's discovery seems unbelievable to me,  whenever I hear someone from a different faith, I remind myself that some of the beliefs of Chrisitians must seem incredible to those of other faiths.

I also finished a quilt that I brought with me to New York when we came here.  I plan to give it to someone in Japan.  In our experience, Japanese people are incredibly generous in giving gifts. I have sometimes said that the only way to "outgift" a Japanese person would be to give them a small car!  I don't know exactly who will receive the quilt, but want to be sure to have this    quilt ready to give to someone.  Plus I like the idea of having one of my quilts in Japan.

Church where we attended the lecture.

My quilt. 
By Al
I did not go to the lecture.  I was getting prepared for out trip to Japan.  Amy and Drew went to the Cloister's in the afternoon.  Sally and I stayed home. 
That evening, Amy, Drew and I went to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Drew also wanted to go to the park under the Brooklyn side of the bridge. Good call Drew. There were some interesting views of Manhattan that you don't get from the bridge. 
Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan.

This is the Manhattan Bridge, with a subway train going across. The bridge in the background is the Williamsburg Bridge.

After looking around the park, we then crossed on the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan

An interesting building at the Manhattan end of the Brooklyn Bridge.I

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