Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 132- September22


Sally's Afternoon

I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Andy Warhol exhibit which included works by Warhol and his contemporaries.  Pictures were not permitted in the exhibit, so I'm sharing a few pictures from the modern art area of the museum.

A Warhol painting that was not in the exhibit.  I haven't been a big fan of his, but seeing the original paintings led me to appreciate them more.
One piece was a pile of hard candies wrapped in colorful pieces of foil.  Viewers were invited to take pieces of candy.  I waited until someone else took some before I did so, as I wasn't sure if the instruction was serious or if I would be reprimanded by a guard.  The work was titled 175 pounds, and is a tribute to the artist's partner who weighed 175 pounds before he died of AIDS.  The piece is replenished periodically to bring the total weight back to 175 pounds.  So now I own a small bit of a work of art from the Metropolitan Museum. (This picture includes candy from a later visit). 

Mark Rothko.  I love his paintings, but photos never show how he paints the edges of the colored areas- which is the part of the painting I enjoy the most.

 Jackson Pollock painting. He was famous for dripping painting onto the canvas.  I think it is more than paint drips from the way your eyes follows the lines, and the textures created by the layers of paint.

  Here's the play we saw at night- Avenue Q.
Poster outside the theater- warning the audience that "This show contains full puppet nudity."  It was true.

By Al
I went down to the ticket booth to get tickets to Avenue Q. Amy and Drew went off to the museums and Central Park. The ticket booth is by the South Sea Port, so I decided to look around. There is an old lightship there that you can go in. This is part of the South Street Seaport Museum. The museum has some interesting displays about the business that used to exist in this area. There were warehouses, and other business's relating to imports,like rice and tea. It is an interesting museum and not expensive. The light ship is also interesting. This was a ship that used to be anchored off the entrance to New York Harbor to show the location of the channel. It was ultimately replaced by an unmanned light marker. Although lightships didn't travel, they were subject to bad weather and occasionally ships would misjudge their own speed and end up running over lightships.

Looking at Brooklyn from the South Sea Port of Manhattan.

The lightship.

This is a tall ship that is anchored at the South Sea Port.

I next went a couple of blocks to the New York Police Museum. It was very interesting.  I liked the displays showing the how uniforms and equipment have evolved over time.  The history of crime in New York was also interesting.  As many of you know, New York is one of safest large cities in America.  However, this is a recent development.  The following chart shows the change from
2001 to 2007.  I am sure the crime rate has gone down even more today.

That evening, Sally, Amy, Drew and I went to see Avenue Q.  This is a musical done with puppets.  You can see the people holding the puppets and they talk and sing for the puppets.  So, there are actors and puppets.  I was fascinating.  It is also a good story.  I highly recommend it.



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