Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 128-September 18

Sally's Day
I walked up to the north end of Central Park to see what might be there.  I discovered three wonderful gardens.  Since it was a rainy day, I had the gardens to myself. 
Plants in the English Garden,

The fountain in the English Garden.

More flowers in the English Garden.

The fountain in the Italian Garden- which is much more formal than the English Garden.

Sidewalk in the French Garden.

Fountain in the French Garden.

The Harlem Wier.  It is a man-made lake which gathers water from the western side of Manhattan.  Water is released into the East River to maintain the water level in the wier.

A man fishing in the wier. (he is at the bottom of the steps)

Sidewalk next to the wier.

By Al

Today I went back to the Chinatown Rotary Club.  Good food and good people.  On the way, I walked by the Manhattan Detention Complex.  This is located on the south end of
Chinatown by the City Government complex.  There is skyway with interesting sculptures.

The skyway.

Detail of the skyway.

After the meeting, I decided to walk home.  This is about 5 miles.

On the way, I passed the Cooper Union.  This is a college that was founded in 1858 with an emphasis on making higher education available to all.

One of the buildings for Cooper Union.  Very interesting.

I also walked by Bellevue Hospital.  It looks a little more modern on the outside than I thought it would be.

As I walked up First Avenue, there were police officers on every intersection. I finally asked who was coming. Obama. He was in New York doing some fundraising. I didn't wait to see him go by, but the amount of security was impressive. As I walked by the UN, there were a bunch of Tibetan protesters. They were very loud, but when I gave them a thumbs up, they all smiled.

It is hard to see, but there are a lot of police in this picture.

The Tibetan protesters. 

That night, I walked up to Staples to get some business cards for out trip to Japan.  You need business cards in Japan.

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