Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 131- September 21

We were up pretty late last night, so we slept in. Amy needed to do some emails and make some copies of things to finish up business and personal stuff before she is off to Japan. Then, she needed to go to Wells Fargo and make a deposit in her credit union account. There are three credit unions that are listed as being able to accept deposits for other credit unions. The closest one to us is located in the News Corp building. We got the money from Wells Fargo and walked into the News Corp building. It was like walking into the evil empire. We asked at the front desk where the credit union was located. The young lady asked us if we were employees of News Corp. We were not. She said only employees of News Corp could use the credit union. I thought this was unusual since it is the Federal Employees Credit Union. Anyway, we told her the web site said we could use it to make a deposit. She said they changed their policy. I said, "Classic News Corp" as we left. She smiled.

The Evil Empire, A.K.A, News Corp.

That night, Drew, Amy's boyfriend arrived.  He came in a little late, so there wasn't much to do that evening.

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