Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 122- September 12

A Few More Pictures from September 11, 2012 and a Walk Around the Neighborhood

The cemetery at Trinity Church

Zuccotti Park on September 11.  The park was the location of  Occupy Wall Street, and is located about 2 blocks from Wall Street. It looks more like a plaza than a park. 
We thought it interesting to actually see a dalmation dog at a fire house.

The location of the murder scene in "Ghost."

Here's some pictures of our neighborhood:

Our drug store.  In Manhatten, almost all drug stores are located next to a bus stop. Not every bus stop has a drug store, but almost every drug store has a bus stop. Duane Reade is actually owned by Walgreen.
Here's our bank. Almost all banks are located on a corner.  I think it is for visibility, and to provide a side entrance to the cash machines.  We have had very good service at this bank. Banks are plentiful.  There were so many on the Upper West Side that an ordinance was passed limiting the size of new banks in an effort to leave some room for stores.

Our green grocer, who is on the corner and open 24 hours. If we get a hunger for grapes at 2 a.m., they are only 1/2 block away.  I will miss this. 
"Buying local"  means that we go to this grocer rather than the one two blocks up the street!
Our library, which is around the corner.

The most widely read piece of fiction in Manhatten- the bus schedules.  The buses rarely come at the scheduled time. So you just go to the stop, and hope that a bus will come soon.  Subways run primarily north and south- so going across the island typically means walking or taking a bus.


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