Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 123-September 13

By Al

Today I started the day by going to Heartstart Training.  This is a class sponsored by the American Heart Association.  The course I taught both CPR and basic First Aid.  It took all day, but was well done and very interesting.  I don't know if I will ever need what I learned, but I assume that as Sally and I travel more we may run into situations where this training will be valuable.

That evening we went to see "Peter and the Starcatcher".  It was another unsimplified play.  We were in the mezzanine.  This is a fancy Broadway term for the balcony.  We had a hard time hearing, so when the audience below us was laughing we were wondering what was so funny.  However, there was a fair amount of slapstick, so we weren't completely clueless.  At intermission, we discovered that they had free infrared listening devices.  This made the play much more enjoyable.  It seems that all Broadway theaters have this service.  I wish we had known this before. 

Anyway, the story line is how Peter Pan got to Never Never Land.  I was pretty convoluted.  This is a comedy and it appears not a lot of work was put into the story.  The story didn't really hold together very well.  But it was amusing.

Sally's Day

I went to a knitting group, and then to the play.

I generally agree with Al's review.  I don't recommend this play.  It was not very funny and the story didn't engage me.  It won a bunch of awards- perhaps they saw something in the play that I didn't notice.

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