Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 130- September 20

Today we were invited to a lunch at the home of Sylvia Shirk.  She is the minister at the Manhattan Menonite Fellowhip.  She is an excellant person and seems to be a good minister.  She lives in Brooklyn.  She lives in a two story brownstone with access to her roof.  So we carried a table and chairs, dishes and food up to the roof to eat.  It was an excellant lunch and a great view. 

The view from the rooftop.  That is Manhattan in the background

Sylvia on the left.  Her roomate, Sandra, on the right.  Sally with her back to the camera.

That night, Amy arrived for a visit.  Yipee.  We met her at the airport at just a little before midnight.  I was willing to take a taxi home because of the time of day but Sally and Amy decided to do the bus thing.  The trip from the airport to 125th Street in Manhattan was a snap.  We were then going to take a bus down 2nd Avenue to a couple of blocks from our apartment.  We got to the stop at 12:55 AM.  There was a scheduled bus for 1:01 and 1:31.  When no bus had come by 1:37, we took a taxi the rest of the way home.  I love the New York subway system and hate the bus system.  As Sally has said, the New York bus schedules are the most widely read works of fiction in New York.

Anyway, it was great to have Amy here.  I do miss her.  Her boyfriend, Drew, will arrive on Friday and they will be here until earlier Tuesday morning when we all fly to Japan for a couple of weeks.

Sally's Evening
I went to a knitting group at  Bryant Park.  Unfortunately, the person in charge of the lights in the park didn't turn them on, meaning that we quit knitting an hour early.

Here is my friend Merv with a baby sweater he made.

The 81st Street stop on the Subway is below the Museum of Natural History.  The stop has a been
decorated with maosaics of nirds and animals.  I smile every time I walk past these parrots sitting on the railing.

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