Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 125- September 15

By Al

Today I went to Super Sabado at El Museo del Barrio.  This is part of their Target Free Third Saturday series.  You can get into the exhibits for free.  This Saturday they were going to have latin music.  I walked there, which took some time.  It is at 107th and 5th Ave.   By the time I got there the only performance scheduled was Taino music.  This is a group of native peoples that live in the northern Caribian.  I thought it would be interesting and it was.  But, the performer really taylered her performance of young children.  It was educational for a while but when she had kids on stage with toy bows and arrows pretending to be hunters I left.  She was good, but not what I expected. 

Sally' Day
I spent the day at the Quilt Alliance event.  The  purpose of the Quilt Alliance is to document, preserve and share the history of quiltets and their makers.

In the afternoon, we met at the Fashion Institute Of Technollogy. Denyse Schmidt shared her history of designing quilts and her design process.  Denyse is sometimes considered the "mother" of modern quilting- I  believe she was the first well-known designer who used the "improvisation" process to design a quilt.  In her new book, she has returned to more traditional designs with contemporary fabrics.  I have sewn her patterns-  I like her designs, but her instructions are not well-written. Perhaps it is because she comes from a graphic design background rather than a quilting background.

She was a friendly and gracious speaker.  She posed for me in front of one of her quilts.

Here are two quilts she displayed from her new book.

Here is one of her improvisational quilts:

Jennifer Chiaverini talked about her books.  She has written a series about a group of women quilters. I haven't read her books.
The event included a display of small quilts on the Theme Home is Where the Quilt Is.  Here are some of my favorites:
This quilt shows Mr. Fredrickson floating off in his house form the movie "Up." 

I loved the abstract colors in this one.

It looks like this dog has taken a quilt from the house and is moving it into his dog house. Every home needs at least one quilt!
While walking to the subway, I saw this statue of Ralph Cramdon (Jackie Gleason) from the Honeymooners.  I believe that it is a 8th and 42nd Street.

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