Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 124- September 14

Sally's Day
I went to the High Line Park- along with a few thousand others.  It was a beautiful day for a walk.
The High Line was originally a short section of railway built at about the 2nd-3rd story level of the surrounding buildings to transport freight.  It has not been used since 1980.  In 1999, Friends of the High Line was formed to support the use of the property for a park.  Two sections of the park have been opened, and the 3rd section will open next year. 
Mural on the side of a building next to the Park. 

They seem to have used primarily native grasses and plants along the walk.

Platform for sitting, and small grassy area.

Billboard next to the park.

Seating near 16th Street.
Street level view.

 You can live in one of these apartments next to the park- if you don't mind having lots of people looking at your living room.
Native grasses; platform jutting out from the park.


Flowers next to the old train rails.  The train rails run the length of the park.

View of the East River from the park.
By Al

Today I was going to go to a presentation at the Tibet Museum on Staten Island on Tibetan art.  As you know from former posts, the Staten Island ferry is free but it takes about a half hour.  The museum is in the middle of the island, so I would have had to take a bus and then walk up hill for about a half mile.  I got to the island and took the bus.  However, it was a typical New York bus, meaning it was slow and not on time.  So, I would not have gotten to the museum until well after the presentation started.  Instead, I got off the bus and onto the subway line to go to the bottom of Staten Island.  Staten Island is really large so it took a while to get there.  The subway is above ground, so you get a good view of the island.  There is a very nice residential area at the end of the line and a nice park.  It is also a very narrow straight between Staten Island and New Jersey, so you can see some of the New Jersey waterfront.  Part of it is major a major port but across from the lower end of Staten Island it appears to be a place for sail boats and restaurants.

I walked around for a bit and then took the train back to the ferry.  It was dark by that time.  Manhattan is really beautiful at night from the ferry.  New Jersey isn't bad as well.  Because of the recent 9/11 anniversary, the new World Trade Center One had red, white, and blue colors on it.  Very nice.

Leaving the ferry terminal

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Manhattan from out in the harbor.

The Statue of Liberty from the ferry.

The Statue of Liberty with New Jersey in the background.

Houses on Staten Island.

The Statue of Liberty on the way back to Manhattan.

Manhattan at night.

One World Trade Center.

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