Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 121-September 11

By Al

Today, Sally and I listened to a free on line CLE over the noon hour.  I am planning on going into retired status with my law license, which means that I cannot practice law.  However, I might want to go back on active status at some point.  If I do, I have to have the required number of CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credits required of all lawyers in Minnesota.  So, I figure that when I see a free CLE, I might as well take it.  Sally is keeping her license to practice. It was entitled   "A Time to Change: Prosecution of Predators After the Sandusky Case, and Making Institutional Environments Safer.".  This could have been a very interesting and provocative CLE.  Unfortunately, all but about 15 minutes was very basic information of sexual assault cases.  It would have been a very good introductory course, but I didn't really learn anything new.  Oh well, at least I got some credit.

That evening we went to a Moth broadcast.  It was held at the Housing Works bookstore.  This is a used bookstore that is run by volunteers and raises money for housing.  The format of this Moth was that people who wanted to tell their story put there names in a bag.  Ten names were then picked out of the bag.  As expected, some were good and some weren't.  More good than bad.  It took a long time because Dan Kennedy, the master of ceremonies, insisted in trying to make jokes about each speaker.  Most weren't all that funny.  But, the good stories were good.

Sally met another quilter that I am sure she will tell you about.

Sally's Day
Between the CLE and the Moth, we attended a concert at Trinity Church for 9/11. It appeared to me that most New Yorkers treated this 9/11, as a normal workday.  Last year was the 10th anniversary, so perhaps it was a turning point to pass that 10 year anniversary. 

The West Point Band provided the music.  It was excellent.  Many of the works were new, and most of the composers were present to be acknowledged.  I estimate the attendance at about 150 people. 

We stood in line for about 2 hours to get tickets for the Moth. The people behind us were from Boston, and had come to NY with their bikes to tour the city.  They were pre-retirees and planning to move to Amsterdam when they retire next year because Holland has wonderful biking- makes our move to NYC look rather unadventurous!

I took my little folding chair for the long wait, and then took it into the store with me when we were admitted in to sit down.  I noticed a couple our age who didn't have seats, and offered my folding chair for their use.  The woman sat next to me, and, as typically happens in New York, we chatted.

She is Diane Savona, a quilt artist.  She had a project with her which she shared with me.  She uses old linens, which she dyes, and then places small objects between the dyed fabric and the quilt backing.  She handquilts around the objects (e.g. keys, buttons, buckles, and other things she finds), which provides and outline of the object on the top of the quilt.

There is a profile of her with pictures of her work in the August/September, 2012, Quilting Arts magazine.  Her web site is dianesavonaart.com.  You can see lots of her work on her web site.

Meeting interesting people has been a  wonderful bonus of our New York experience.

The West Point Band.

Sanctuary of Trinity Church- which is the congregation that includes St. Paul's Chapel.

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