Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 56- July 9

Sally's Day

My day started with going with Al to LaGuardia for his trip to Minnesota.  It takes a little more than an hour on the city bus.  While on the bus, I purchased a ticket to Alan Cummins one-person performance of Macbeth on Saturday.  It may be quite interesting or quite weird.  I will find out on Saturday.

Next, a stop at Target on the way home.  I took along my carry-on suitcase for my purchases-which was quite helpful in taking my purchases home on the bus.

Target is on the second floor of a multi-floor shopping mall.  I can't remember if I have written about the verticalness of Manhattan.  Many deli's and fast food restaurants have  their dining room on the second floor.  I have even been in a 3-story McDonalds. One grocery store we go to is half in the basement and half on the street-level floor. It has an elevator to take your cart up and down. The local Barnes and Noble only has its entrance at street level.  There are two levels to the store- both below street level.   Our favorite movie theater is below street level. The ticket office is on the street level, and then you take an escalator down to the theaters.
So life here is full of up's and down's.  (I realize that statement will make you groan.  I jsut couldn't resist).

I stayed home for the afternoon- sewing, and on the internet.

I spent the evening at All Souls Church serving  the meal for homeless people.  I saw many of the same folks I served last week.  About 80% of the guests are men.  There was one girl, about 12 years old, who appeared to be with her mom.

And now home for the first of the  last six episodes of The Closer. 


Banner showing stores on each floor of the 4-floor mall.

Bridge from the parking ramp and entrance to Target.  The inside is like every other Target.

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