Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day------ July 10

Sally's Day
My first outting of the day was the Book Club at Bryant Park- Madame Bovary.  The moderator for the event was Karen Thompson Walker.  Her first book, The Age of Miracles, has just been published.  There were about 60 women  and 1-2 men.  She told us that Flaubert established modern realist narration in the novel.  She also commented that the book contains a lot of people behaving badly.  I agree-  the book is full of unlikable characters;there are only 1-2 sympathetic people (the maid and the daughter).  I wouldn't care to spend time with any of the others. Lots of modern jargon comes to mind- manic depressive, dysfunctional family, insatiable need- to describe Emma. Although the book is set in the 1850's, Emma could be living among us today.

I recommend the book, but would not have picked it up to read without the book club.  The next book is Mill on the Floss  by George Elliot.

I took a picture of the entrance to the women's public restroom- a 4 foot high urn of fresh flowers.  The prettiest, tidiest public restroom I have ever been in.

I read on the Public Library patio for an hour, and then went home.

In the evening, I went to "Ghost."  The most interesting thing was the staging.  They projected locations throughout NYC on three sides of the stage- making it possible to have scenes in a variety of locations.  In one scene, Sam (the murdered boyfriend) appears to walk through the door.  In another, Oda May (the psychic) is transformed into Sam. A third is in the subway, with Sam and another ghost jumping on and off the projected train.

The story followed the movie closely- including the pottery wheel scene, and repeated use of "Unchained Melody."  I don't know why the writers felt the need to make it a musical.  The songs added nothing to the story-  before Sam dies, Sam and Molly sing several songs about their love. After he dies, they sing about how they miss each other.

If you are a fan of "Ghost,"  watch the movie again.  Going to the restroom at Bryant Park and reading some of Madame Bovary would be a much better use of time.

Karen Walker Thompson

The entrance to the women's restroom in Bryant Park- a 4-foot high urn with fresh flowers. The prettiest and cleanest public restroom I have ever been in.

Oda May

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