Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 62- July 14

Sally's Day

Sew and See MacBeth

I spent the day sewing a quilt top, and then went to see Alan Cummin perform a one-man rendition of MacBeth at the Lincoln  Center.  Alan Cummin is a wonderful Scottish actor, probably best known for introducing Masterpiece Mystery on PBS.

MacBeth was set in a mental hospital, to which he has been committed following the events in the play.  The whole stage was one room in the hospital with three beds, a bathtub, and a wheel chair.  Cummin played all of the characters.  The whole play lasted about 1 hr, 5 minutes, so you can tell they really cut out a lot.  He presented the story to show his descent into madness.  It was an interesting presentation, but it required really knowing the play in order to figure out what was happening throughout.  I occasionally got lost. 

The theater where MacBeth was performed is located at the southwest corner of Central Park. The theater is on the 5-7 floors.  There are huge windows in the lobby. The picture above ic Columbus Circle, with a statue of Columbus at the center. 

This picture is overlooking Central Park.  It doesn't come through well (the picture was taken through the window), but the sun shining on the buildings on the east side of the park was lovely.


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