Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 61- July 13

Sally's Day

Museum of Modern Art and Back to Central Park

Today, I went to the Museum of Modern Art for the first time during our stay.  It was crowded.

In the evening, I attended the New York Philharmonic free concert in Central Park.  They played the same piece we heard on Memorial Day, but I enjoyed it more this time.  The crowd was over 20,000 people.  Although it was a wonderful experience, it was not the best place to hear music- people walking back and forth throughout the evening, clapping between movements of the symphony, and the orchestra is off in the distance.

I liked this painting by Georgia O'Keefe because it was not the skulls and large flowers we usually see from her.

This painting by Paul Gaugain of three puppies made me smile.  I don't know if he intended that after the puppies finish their milk, they will then drink the three glasses of wine and have some fruit.

VanGogh's Starry Night was the most popular picture in the museum.  The swirls in the sky really draw you into the painting.

Another Matisse.  Makes me feel like dancing.

I love Josef Albers paintings because they make me think of quilts.  He painted several hundred paintings of squares.

Here is the orchestra- taken with my telephoto lens.  Alec Baldwin was the announcer, and I saw him the day before in To Rome With Love.  Plus the orchestra played Fountains of Rome.

 Here is the crowd- it gives you an idea of how far from the stage I was- plus there were at least this many people behind me. 

Two months in New York have passed in a flash.

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