Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 64- July 16

Sally's Day

A trip to Brooklyn

I travelled to Brooklyn today to visit Prospect Park.  After Olmsted and Vaux finished designing Central Park, they were given a commission to design a second park in Brooklyn- Prospect Park.  They enjoyed this project more because they were free to determine the shape and design of the park without the restrictions they faced with Central Park (e.g. the shape of Central Park was pre-determined, they were required to include 4 traverse roads and a mall). 

Prospect Park is smaller and more or less a traingle in shape.  It is more "natural" than Central.  I liked the long hiking trail through the woods.  It was quieter (no traffic noise) and more woodsy- smelled the pine trees, heard the birds.  The park includes a beautiful meandering lake.  I felt I had been to the "country" for a couple of hours.  The park deserves another visit on a cooler day (it was 94 degrees) in the fall when the leaves are changing. 

I finished a quilt top- which I promptly sent back to Minnesota, as I can't quilt it here.

The Grand Army Plaza at the park entrance.  It is HUGE.  The car in front gives some scale to its size.

 Into the woods.  There are several miles of wooded trails- beautiful and quiet.

The lake- which they designed to look "natural," although every view and foot of shoreline was carefully designed.

Quilt top I finished.  It is 605  2 1/2" squares with a colorful triangle sewed in the corner of each square.  It was lots of fun to sew, although it used up only a small amount of scraps.  42" x 53".
I will trim off the edges  before binding, but decided to wait until I'm ready for that because the edges all be bias when they are trimmed.


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