Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 92- August 12

By Al

Today we went to the New York Botanical Garden. This is in the Bronx and it a good place to go on a nice day.  It is mainly trees, but it does have a conservatory much like the conservatory at the Como Zoo. 

The conservatory has a display about Monet's garden.  We have blogged about this before, so I won't say much now.  However, we did walk about the other areas of the garden.  Jessie has a B.A. in , I think, Horticulture.  I am not sure on the exact title.  What is important is that he can identify and tell you about just about any plant you see.  He currently works with a tree business in the Twin Cities, so he really knows trees.  Walking around was like having a professional guide.  He would tell us about the trees we were seeing, where they were native, and other facts about their life cycle.  It was pretty interesting.

Jesse, Naomi, Sally, and I in front of the lily pond that is part of the Monet exhibit.

Jesse and Naomi.

Sally and I

After the Botanical Garden, we went about a mile to where Naomi's mother grew up.  This was Naomi's first visit to the area.  The population has really changed.  When Naomi's mother was growing up, the population was primarily Jewish.  Now it is primarily Dominican.  The Synagogue across the street from her apartment is now a Baptist church.  The buildings were still there; but it was, I am sure, a totally different vibe to the neighborhood.

Naomi in front of the apartment building where her mother spent her childhood.

More of the building.

The street.  The apaartment building is on the left.  The street is the Grand Concourse.

The former temple that is now a Baptist church.  You can see the Star of David at the top.

That evening we went to our favorite Indian restaurant.  Naomi and Jessie bought us a great dinner.  Thank you Naomi and Jessie.

Sally's Day

Al gave you a pretty thorough description of our day- so I will add only a few more pictures of flowers and trees.

Also, the restaurant we went to is called Chennai.  It is on 1st Avenue, between 86th and 87th.  There is a wonderful pickle and olive store next door.  That's all they sell- about 12 kinds of pickles in wooden barrels, and about 20 kinds of olives. 
Most of the roses in the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden were past their prime.  These were some of the only fresh ones.

The Monet exhibit included two large pools of water lilies- of course.

There is a large area devoted solely to miniature conifers.  Amazing variety of colors and shapes.

I saw several people taking photos of these water lilies, so concluded they must be photo worthy.  I didn't notice the shadow of the upper flower until I posted it.  I guess they were right.


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