Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 69 July 21

Friends Arrive, Another Day at the Park

By Al

Gregg and Suzie came for a visit.  Our first task was to take them to Sylvia's for lunch.  It was excellant as always.  Sylvia's is in Harlem.  It was fun to show off Harlem to them.  It was not the crime ridden, run down neighborhood that people outside New York picture.  Harlem has a lot of things to see.  From Sylvia's and a brief walk around Harlem, we brought them back to our apartment. 

Saturday afternoon we walked over to Central Park and walked around. 

Gregg and Suzie in front of the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park.

After Central Park, we got a New York pizza and came home to eat.   New York pizza is exceptional if you like thin crust pizza.  Yum

Sally's Day
It was fun to show our friends the park.  And we learned that we can host company in our 2-room apartment.  We had enough chairs (4) and cups (4) and plates (4) so that we could sit and eat together.  Fortunately, our landlord supplied sheets for the hide-a-bed so we all had bedding, and I purchased another bed pillow so we all had pillows.


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