Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 73 July 25

Herb had some hearings in the morning. He consults on social security disability cases. He is able to testify by phone, so he stays on Martha's Vineyard. But, he had to stay home while Sally, Carol and I went on our adventure. We went to a farmer's market, craft fair and art studio.

The farmer's market was small and fairly typical. A standard mix of vegetables, honey, jelly and cheese. If we hadn't wanted to avoid checked luggage on our flight back to New York, I would have been tempted to get some jellys and honey. The craft fair was in an open field and quite diverse. A lot of clothes. Also, glass and leather items. Of course, art. Then we went to an art studio. They had very interesting sculptures. Also, some nice jewelry and paintings. But, it was mainly the sculptures that were attractive.

This is the art gallery


The cow sculpture is actually a flat sheet of metal.

We then went to Menemsa to get some fish for supper.

That afternoon, Herb was done with his hearings.  So, we went to the beach.  It was a nice hot day.  However, the ocean was fairly cold.  A lot of people were going in, but I don't really like being cold in water.  I know that you get used to it, but I don't like that getting used to it experience.  So, I sat on the beach and read.  After a while Carol, Herb and I went for a walk down the beach.  I do like walking along the ocean and listening to the sound of the surf.  A ways down the beach from where we were is the only clothing optional beach in Massachusetts.  There is nothing making it official, it is just there.  A lot of old wrinkly people.  Although it was interesting to see a guy who was tan everyplace.  I mean everyplace.

While were at the beach Alan Dershowitz kept walking up and down on the beach on a satellite phone.  Don't know who he was talking too.  He is a neighbor to Carol and Herb. 

After several hours at the beach, we were happy to go home to a good dinner by Carol.

Sally's Day

Fishing boats.  The are commercial fisherman on the Vineyard. Here are some boats.

Fish shop where Carol bought large,freshly caught scallops.

The beach. The beach is controlled by the town (Chilmark). Residents must purchase a yearly parking permit to get access to the beach. You can also purchase a walkin permit for $15.


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