Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 84 August 5

Exploring Mid-Town

By Al

I had another day of rest.  Sally brought me food from Mee Noodle.  We both recommend their food.  I wanted to rest my knee because of my up coming race in New Jersey.  More on than on Wednesday.  Anyway, that night I needed to get out and Sally agreed to go see Ice Age 3.  It was amusing, but not as good as the first two.  I feel like they are stretching for stories.  The acting and animation is still good, but they really stretched metaphors.  For example, they sail ice bergs like pirate ships.  I know the whole movie is an unbelievable metaphor, but they just seem to be getting more far out as the franchise goes along.  Nevertheless, it was entertaining.

By Sally



After attending Christ Church Methodist Church, I needed breakfast. I happened upon Delissimo Deli (39 East 60th Street). Manhattan is full of deli's with seating upstairs. This one offered a Spanish omelet, American fries, and toast for $4.50. A real bargain- good food, freshly cooked, and cheap.

Then over to Central Park to look at the statue of William Tucumseh Sherman by Saint Gaudes. His design and construction of this statue was discussed at length in The Greater Journey by David McCullough, which I just finished reading. It was exciting to read about his life in Paris and making of this statue, and then immediately see it. He was a perfectionist- close to the end, he felt that one of the horse's back legs was a bit longer than the other. It took him six months to fix this problem. Winged Victory is in front of Sherman. The model for WV was an African-American woman

Sign outside of church on 5th Avenue.  If I walk home after 9 p.m. in the evening, I see many people (usually men) sleeping on the steps of churches in our neighborhood.

Where is this?  I've seen this statue on TV many times.  It is outside of Rockefeller Center.

No blog about New York would be complete without a picture of Times Square.  Every time I go there is it crowded and noisy.  Unfortunately, if we want to go to a Broadway show, we need to go through or close to Times Square.

I had never noticed this statue of George M. Cohan until I stopped to take a picture of Times Square.  I would have chosen George and Ira Gershwin or Rogers and Hammerstein.  Who would you choose?


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