Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 77 July 29

By Al

I went to the Museum of Natural History, mainly to see the Planitarium show. It was very good.  I also looked around the museum some more.  I could go back many more times and not really see everything.  So, I will go back.

Anyway, Sally and I were going to attend the Manhattan Menonite Fellowship at 5 PM.  So we arranged to meet an Union Square.  We did and went to church.

It was a good day but nothing amazing and no pictures.

Sally's Day
I spent the afternoon at three of my favorite places near Lincoln Center.

First, a visit to the American Folk Art Museum (free- located at 2 Lincoln Square).

Next, a small deli/sandwich shop (on Broadway next to Lincoln Plaza Cinema) that has excellent soup, sandwiches, salads, and baked things.  They have outside seating, which is a great place for people watching or reading..

Finally, the Lincoln Plaza Cinema (1886 Broadway between 62nd and 63rd).  We call it the Senior cinema since we only see people over 55  when we go there.  There concession menu includes sandwiches and pastries, along with the standard fare.  It is a pleasant walk for us to go there through the park. 

Although these places are not typical tourist places,  I highly recommend them for a pleasant afternoon in New York.

Then I met Al for services at the Mennonite Fellowship, and home for the evening.

This is a pineapple quilt, with embroidery in the middle squares.  The picture below show the detail in one of the squares.  The group in front of the quilt was made by a farm couple in Iowa from their bottle cap collection.  They had many other sculptures made from bottle caps (they must have drunk a LOT of pop), and for several years had a museum on their property displaying their creations. The figures look very friendly with their large round eyes.

This embroidery piece has a stage curtain surrounding the upper 2/3's.
This courthouse steps quilt was made by a tailor with lining scraps from suits. I have closeup of some of the squares below.

My favorite sandwich shop.  I like to get a table next to the building in the shade.  What will I do when winter comes?

The Plaza Cinema.  Perhaps I will try one of their sandwiches someday.  Dinner and a movie.  All the theaters are in the building basement. 


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