Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 101- August 21

By Al

Today I went back to the Queensborough Rotary Club.  This is a small club.  They sit around a table at an Italian restaurant.  Today they had 4 members in attendance.  This was my second meeting, and they remembered me, which was nice.  They did get in to a discussion of presidential politics, with both parties represented.  This happened at the first meeting I attended.  I found this strange since Rotary is supposed to be strictly non-partisan.  However, they had a good discussion and it seems to work for them. 

I went from the meeting to getting a massage, which was really fun, I walked across Manhattan to meet Sally for a play. On the way, I went by the ramp on Park Ave. where it runs into Grand Central at 42nd street. This ramp was pictured in the movies "I am Legend" and the recent Avengers movie. It is fun to see movie settings as you walk around New York.


That evening we went to see "One Man Two Guvnors'". This is a very funny British comedy. It was something of a problem in that it was the first play we have gone to in New York that was not miked. A couple of the actors were very soft spoken, so we missed a fair amount of dialogue. However, there was enough to hear and enough slap stick to still be funny. The star has an amazing talent. He has a good comedy presence and even ad libs with the audience in the middle of the play. It was unusual and very enjoyable.

Sally's Day
I went to Brooklyn again to the knitting group at LaCasita Yarn Shop- where you can get a glass of wine to drink while you knit.  I haven't tried that.  I don't want to drop a stitch. 
Here is some of the yarn in the shop.  I am quickly discovering that yarn is as plentiful as fabric.  There seem to be unlimited choices of colors, types, weights, etc.  I find that knitters will pick up 4-5 skeins of something they like that they think can be used a in a project some day.
One Man Two Guvnors is based on an Italian Commedia dell' Arte play called The Servant of Two Masters,  Since I had not seen the Italian play I can't compare them.  The play included interludes by a 60's style rock band, actors from the play coming out to do things like play the marimba and sing, and even pie being thrown at an actor.  The lead actor, James Cordon, won the Tony this year for best performance by a male actor. 



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