Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 118- September 7

By Al

Today I wandered around Midtown for a while before I went for a massage.  I walked up 5th Avenue and visited some impressive churches. 

The inside of St. Patrick's Cathedral.  The outside was covered with scaffolding.

St. Thomas Church (Episcopal)

Inside St. Thomas.

Some of the detail at the front.

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

Inside Fifth Avenue.

All of these churches are on a on a six block stretch of 5th Avenue.

That night, Sally and I went to see the movie "Sleepwalk with Me".   This is a movie written, directed, and starred in by Mike Birbiglia.  It tells the story of his stalled career, failed relationship, and problems with sleepwalking.  It is a true story and was very amusing.  It was funded in part by This American Life from MPR.  At this showing, Ira Glass, the voice of This American Life, was present after the movie.  He talked about funding and making the movie.  He said that they had heard from many sleepwalkers that the portrayal was an accurate depiction of sleepwalking.  It also was an accurate portrayal of Mike Birbiglia's life, although they compressed the time frame somewhat. 

This is the Ziegfeld Theater where we saw the movie.  It is huge.  Like the old days.

Ira Glass.
Sally's Day
While Al went to churchs, I went to a knitting group at the Lion Brand Knitting Studio near Union Square. 
Union Square has an excellent Farmer's Market. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.  I bought pickled beets and pickled green beans. Fortunately for me, Al likes neither of them.
Lion Brand is a lower price brand of knitting yarn.  They don't have the variety of the higher priced brands of yarn.  As a beginning knitter, I don't want to invest a lot in a project- so it works for me.  The knitters were great to be with. 
We give a "thumbs up" to the movie.  Although it was funny,  I also found it somewhat melancholy.  At the end of the movie, the character has dealt with his sleep walking- but still has no close relationships with his parents or anyone else.

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