Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 97- August 17

By Al

There was a Festival of Indian Dance at One Battery Park Plaza.  This sounded interesting, so I went.  It was interesting.  There were several companies representing several different styles of dance.  This was the last day of a week of dance performances.  I wish I had been aware of this earlier.  There was free dance every day this week.  There is just so much to do in New York.  A lot of it is free or cheap. 

Different styles of Indian dance.

At four, we were to meet a couple of our friends to see Richard III done by Shakespeare in the Park.  This is the same organization that does the plays in Central Park.  However, this part of the company is much like Ten Thousand Things in Minnesota.  This group performs in the round, with no lighting or sound.  They take their plays to homeless shelter, prisons, jails, and halfway houses.  They try to make theater accessible to those who might not otherwise have an opportunity to go to the theater.  The also do a few paid performances so the paying pubic can see their work.  They did a good job .  The person who played Richard III was excellent.  Those of you who read my review of the Shakespeare in the Park know how it was the first time that I saw Shakespeare where I thought the people were talking naturally as opposed to repeating words that were alien to them.  The actor who play Richard was like this.  The language seemed natural to him.  Everybody else was posturing. 

This is the set up.  The play takes place in the middle.  The lighting doesn't change.  The brown chairs are for the actors to sit during the play.

From there we went to a restaurant in the East Village called Gnocco.  It was quite good.

Sally's Day

I went to an exhibit about the life of  Noel Coward at Lincoln Center.  Noel Coward was a playwright, director, actor, singer, and painter.  His lyrics are very witty and creative.  We saw a production of "Anything Goes" this summer.

Pictures were not permitted in the exhibit, so all I have to show is the poster on the building.  The exhibit was at the public library at Lincoln Center.

 Sculpture at Lincoln Center- looks to me like a giant fork.

Lincoln Center has a large pool- with the sculpture in the center.  There is also a large plaza with seating and trees- a pleasant place to relax, eat lunch, etc.

Columbus Circle is located at the southwest corner of the Park, and just south of  Lincoln Center.  There is a tall statue of Columbus in the middle of Columbus Circle.  You can't see it in this picture because it is surrounded by the metal structure. A room will be built at the top.  The sculptor (whose name I don't remember) will be in the room.  You will be able to obtain a ticket to climb up to the room, see Columbus, and visit the sculptor.  Anyone interested?  I believe it will be open from September 15- October 15.

Manhattan has lots of public art- this is the latest.  I don't understand a lot of it.


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