Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 94-August 14

By Al

Today was the day for Naomi and Jessie to head back to Minnesota.  In the morning, we went on a walk up to Carl Schurz park and the Gracie Mansion.  This is about 5 blocks north of us along the East River.  It was a chance for them to see more of the river.  Then we went to Goodwill.  As we have said before, the Goodwill here has some pretty high class stuff.  I assume it is mainly stocked by cast offs from people in the neighborhood.  They have some pretty good cast offs.

We then had a lunch of New York pizza and headed to the airport.  They made it home safe.  It was good to have them visit.

That evening, we had tickets to "Jersey Boys."  This is a play about the Four Season.  It was fun to hear their music again.  I didn't know what a checkered past they had.  The acting and singing was excellent.  Sally said she thought they were better than the original group. 

In New York, the stage doors are usually near the main entrance to the theater.  So, people stand by the stage door to see the stars when they come out.  We have never stayed for this, but this time we were a little delayed taking pictures of the front of the theater and we were there when some of the stars came out.  They were very gracious, signed autographs and talked with the fans.  They kept moving so as to be able to leave, but they did so respectfully.  It was nice to see.

This is the actor who played Bob Gaudio.

This is the actor who played Nick Massi.

Sally's Day

I went to my knitting group in Brooklyn while Al accompanied Jessie and Naomi to the airport.

A friend of mine gave us tickets to Jersey Boys.  Her niece had planned a trip to New York, and  purchased tickets to see the play.  The trip was cancelled, and she was looking for someone to use the tickets. Thanks, Luci.

I loved the play.  I plan to see it again.  The whole group were better singers than the original Four Seasons. It was great fun to hear all of those old songs. 
Sign in the lobby.  We heard "authentic" profanity. None of that fake profanity you might hear in Connecticut!

The actors were also better looking than the orignal group.

The play provided me with "head music" (is that what you call songs you keep hearing in your brain?) for a couple of weeks.


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  1. I saw the Jersey Boys while I was in Kansas City for Quilt Market. It was so much fun. Hope to see it again. Yes, they seemed to be better than the originals and the story line was good.