Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 106- August 26

A Quiet Day for Al

By Al

This afternoon I went to a taiko class.  This is the first time I went on a Sunday.  Some of the same people were there, but I also met some new people.  As usual it was fun. 

Then I went to see "Paranorman".  It was disappointing.  It moved really slow.  Also, at the very beginning he is talking to all sorts of ghosts on the street.  His walk to school has him greeting a ghost every few feet.  Thereafter, there are no ghosts except the specific ones he has to interact with.  I was wondering what happened to all of the other ghosts.  Maybe if they had included them in the action, it wouldn't have been so boring. I will say that the claymation was very good.  Nevertheless,  I cannot recommend this movie.

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