Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 118- September 8

By Al

Today, I went to watch some rugby games on Randall Island.  This is an island in the East River just north of where we live.  There is a pedestrian bridge from Manhattan to the island.  Randall Island is the home to Icahn Stadium, over 60 athletic fields, a golf center, a tennis center, the New York City Fire Department's training academy, a wastewater treatment plant, homeless shelters, and the Manhattan Psychiatric Center.   It was the athletic fields that interested me.  There are a couple of rugby clubs in New York City and they were both playing games on Saturday afternoon.  It was fun to see, but some of the play was not so good.  The New York Rugby Club looked pretty good.  The rest were not so good.  But, of course, they were all much better than me.  It was fun to see some rugby again.  They do not have it on tv here at all.

The rugby field with the RFK bridge (formerly the Triborough Bridge) overhead.

Manhattan in the background.

A line out.

Manhattan from the south end of Randall Island.  Our apartment is almost straight ahead and a block from the river.

Sally's Day

While Al went to rugby,  I went to the Museum of Art and Design (at Columbus Circle, free with Walker Art  Center membership). 

My primary interest was an exhibit of contemporary creations by Native American artists.   Here's some of what I saw:
Here's a new version of dream catchers- these were made into a bra and animal fur was made into panties.

A contemporary version of the tepee.

A totem pole. One side is beaded.
Beautiful bead work depicting the life of  a Native American in the city.

This piece is by a woman from Mahnoman, Minnesota.  It is made from split ash- which interested me because I have a collection of split ash baskets made by the Ojibwe,

Bead work commentary on the taking of the Indian lands.

Quilt profile of Native American.

Four fabric pieces- made from blanket  binding.  It would be fun to touch them

A quilt made to honor the Native American construction workers- who often worked on the sky scrapers because they were able to work in high places.

I liked the combination of art, very talented crafts people, and social commentary.

Outside of the Museum of Art and Design.

They have finished constructing the apartment around the Columbus statue.  I will try to get us tickets for it.

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