Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 102- August 22

NYC'S Narrowest Store, Art, and Taiko
Sally's Day
I saw a store on Second Avenue that I believed was the narrowest store in New York- about 42 inches wide.

Then I saw this store- which is the width of the door.  They do computer repair. You can see the repair tchnician through the open door.  I would like to know how much rent they pay!  The light blue sign on the left side of the picture is on another business.
I spent some  time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I wanted to look at the Native American collection some more.  I will be going to a Rembrandt exhibit at the Minneapolis Museum of Art, and wanted to refresh myself on his paintings, too.

This is a FauFau coat, which was named for its maker- William FauFau. It is from Oklahoma, about 1900.  It looks like it would be heavy to wear.

This is a craddle cover, 1810-30, Eastern Sioux.  There are metal ticklers along the edge which jingle when the mother walks with the baby. It reminded me how we put all sorts of toys and hanging things on strollers today.  This seems to be an earlier version of something to amuse the baby.

This mask is from Alaska, about 1843.  It is a  mosquito!  Because of the mosquito's need for blood, it had supernatural associatons.  In performance, the mosquito was given roles as a spiritual helper.  Apparently, mosquitos were held in much higher regard than they are today.

I think this is the most famous Rembrandt at the Met- Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer.  Rembrandt had a lot of gold belts and jewelry in his paintings.  The belt going across the front of Homer is gold.  The gold sparkles.

The information next to this painting states that it is of Hendrickje Stoffels, who was R's companion for many years after his wife died.  At the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the information about Hendrickje stated that there are no paintings which can be definitely identifed as being of her.
In any case, this is my favorite painting of his.

I think her face is amazing.  Serene, thoughtful.  I looked at it for a long time.
Al's Day

This evening I went to Taiko again.  I continue to be challenged by the new things Kaoru teaches.  He has a different style of play, which is new to me.  Also, he has some pretty challengin tithym exercises that really streach me.  I like it.

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